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Our preferred brand is the LONGI Solar panel

Not only are LONGI Solar renowned to be a world leader in the manufacture of high-efficiency, mono-crystalline solar cells and modules they are a great product for Residential and Commercial Installations.

We love the LONGI modules for their quality, efficiency, good looks, ease of installation and affordability.

If you have a preferred panel brand please let us know. While the LONGI is our favourite we do use other brands and we are happy to advise you on the best system for your Solar needs.

GoodWe DNS Series Dual-MPPT, Single Phase

SchMick Energy uses the Goodwe DNS Series Inverters. They are specifically designed for Residential Installations. They are light and compact and are manufactured for durability. They are IP65 rated and can be mounted inside or outside the home. The Goodwe DNS Series also comes with WIFI monitoring so that you can see your daily production.

While the Goodwe has proven to us to be a very reliable Solar Inverter, we are only happy to give a quote on other brands at the Customers request.


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APsystems Microinverters

SchMick Energy uses APsystems Microinverters

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