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Go Off the Grid

With SchMick Energy

SchMick Energy can take you off the grid with our Off-Grid Battery systems.
We offer a high quality package, including a BYD B-Box Cabinet that stores up to 13.8kWh of Battery storage, a Victron Colour Control and a Victron Quattro Inverter Charger, additional to a custom sized Solar System.
The images shown are from our warehouse, where we installed our own Off Grid System.


Additional Products to be added to Systems to go Off Grid

We recently installed a 6kW Solar Off Grid System on our warehouse that included a BYD B-Box Cabinet, 4 2.5kWh BYD Batteries, a Victron Quattro and a Victron Colour Control additional to a 5kW inverter and 6kW worth of panels. 
All the images in the section are of our own Off Grid setup.

BYD Cabinet with Batteries
Victron Quattro
Victron Colour Control

BYD B-Box Res 2.5-10.0

Victron Quattro

Victron Colour Control

Off Grid Setup